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Shopping for ingredients. Simplified.

Introducing Popcart - the widget that scans the recipe you're reading, and sends you everything you need via your local online grocer.

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  • Popcart is the fastest way to grocery shop for the recipes you want to cook - plan and shop for a week's worth of meals in minutes.

  • Install the Popcart button and then, when you’ve found a recipe you want to cook, click it to transform those ingredients into a shopping cart.

  • Popcart is just plain smart - total recipe price is calculated, common ingredients are optional, and substitutions are given for out of stock items.

  • Skip the store - your recipe ingredients are sent straight to so you can quickly checkout and organize the delivery.

  • What people are saying

    The tool works. It’s also as smart as you'd hope. When it breaks out a recipe for you, it sticks pantry staples like cooking oil into a separate section below and doesn’t automatically add them to your cart.


  • What people are saying

    Recipes can be tricky to understand... Popcart makes things easier by parsing online recipes and automatically sending ingredients to your shopping cart.


  • What people are saying

    I also always get sent recipes from my lady saying “We should make this!” This is going to take some serious pain out of getting from recipe phase to actual cooking.


  • What people are saying

    It’s simple really -- all you have to do is install the service’s bookmarklet on your desktop browser and the rest is a piece of cake.